I am really excited & proud to release our brand new America The Beautiful deboss letterpress print. I have been desiring to create a print for quite some time now that was different from the standard screen printed poster. Now don't get me wrong I love screen printed posters. But in my opinion letterpress is simply a timeless process that can't be duplicated. My goal was not only to create a beautiful print, but to make a print simple & small enough to be used as a classic accessory on your office/home desk or to hang it on a wall in your living space. 

The process of deboss is having a design pressed into the paper which gives off a blind letterpress unique look. I decided to letterpress design on 8.5" x 11.5" thick 140lb black cardstock for durable quality & style. Each print was handcrafted in USA & will ship in a secure stay flat mailer. Definitely pick one up while you have the chance before their all gone!

James Bailey