For the past several months I have been hard at work giving The Good Union a new look.  I love my brand & everything it represents, but deep in the pit of my stomach I have always felt like the brand was missing something.  It didn’t take long to realize what The Good Union needed.  It needed the one thing that all great brands have in common, a company logo that embodied the soul of the brand.

 I set out on a new mission.  The mission - create a logo for the brand that I could really feel proud of.  After sketching several different concepts, I soon discovered that I was in for a bit of a challenge.  Designing a logo was nothing like creating a design for a t-shirt, which I had done many times before with ease. A logo has to speak for the brand as a whole, not just for one specific product design.  This mission tested me in ways that I had not imagined.  “Maybe I’m just too close to my brand to think outside of the box and create something fresh.”  It was this thought that eventually led me to hire a graphic designer to help me create a winning logo. 

 Working with a graphic designer was pretty straight forward.  I shot out a quick email, explained my ideas for the new logo and received a response explaining how the process worked.  Several emails were sent back and forth and when it was all said and done I ended up with 6 or 7 design concepts to consider.  I soon settled on the design that I felt was suitable for The Good Union.  I was ready to move forward.  However, after a few days I concluded that the logo was simply lacking. 

 The designer in me just couldn’t settle for anything less than I wanted, so I went back to the drawing board, dug down deep and created the logo myself.  I sketched out many ideas before finally crafting the one logo that spoke to me.  I love the minimalist vibe it has and the American story it tells at first glance.  And I am excited to share what I’ve created with you.

 The Good Union logo is making its grand debut as a beautifully embossed detail on our premium leather luggage tags.  The tags are our newest accessory product designed to dress up your travel gear as you voyage around the world.  Why not travel in style?


James Bailey